EP112 Joe Hemmings talks about building leadership skills

Oct 9, 2023

Joe Hemmings, salon owner and leadership coach, talks to Respectfully podcast host Nicky Pope about how to be a great leader rather than just a good manager. There is a difference in inspiring and guiding your team as a leader, rather than focussing solely on management and operational issues. It’s a fascinating conversation and you’re sure to be intrigued.

Joe Hemmings

Having founded the Bristol-based Bloggs salon group in 2010, Joe added a second site in 2017. His approach to business has shifted dramatically over time; from being what he calls ‘lead by numbers’, to being ‘lead by emotion’. In 2018 he instituted practices such as flexible working hours, closing on Saturdays, uncapping commission structures and more. It was a fortuitous piece of ‘future-proofing’. As the Pandemic hit, the Bloggs brand survived when otherwise it might have struggled. Listen to Joe’s story, and learn how he went on to establish his Honest Salon Leadership model. He’s ready to share his ethos and approach to leadership. As the name suggests, it’s honest, open and very practical. From social media to strategising, Joe has lots to reveal. Listen to his conversation. It’s very provocative…in a good way.

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For more information about Honest Salon Leadership, you can read our dedicated feature HERE
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He’s happy to received DMs if you’d like more information.

And interestingly, Joe joined us in 2019 for a podcast talking about his earlier approach to managing teams. Have a listen to this also and browse our library of Respectfully podcasts HERE

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