EP74 – The awareness of Afro-textured hair in UK hairdressing

May 26, 2021
How can we help hairdressing UK get better at supporting clients with Afro-textured hair? Is our training up to standard, are we serving consumer demand? Nicky Pope hosts a conversation with Jacqui McIntosh, director of education at Avlon Europe and part of the VTCT awards process; Anne Veck, salon owner and award-winner for her avantgarde collections; Justine Collins, session stylist and event organiser; and Kim Johnson, award-winner and team leader at Hype Coiffure in London.

EP74 - Jacqui McIntosh, Anne Veck & Kim Johnson discuss the awareness of Afro/textured hair in UK hairdressing

The discussion embraces thorny questions on how well the UK industry is, or isn’t, aware of the need for more and better education, services and products for Afro-textured hair. What can salons, hairdressers and brands do better? In a lively half hour debate the guests are delightfully frank in their ideas and opinions.
This podcast is supported by Avlon Europe; a company with an extensive knowledge of working with and caring for curly to coily hair especially Afro-heritage hair types.
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