EP64 – Yonick Filopoulos, winner of the PCC UK 2020

Jan 18, 2021

Yonick Filopoulos is the Precision Cutting Champion UK 2020 – the first winner in this country. He talks to Nicky Pope about his journey – literally and creatively – from being born in a hairdressing family in Greece to coming to study and work in the UK. His story is uplifting and heartwarming – as a boy he dreamed of joining the circus and even learned to juggle professionally before setting into a career as a hairdresser with a passion for cutting the straightest and neatest of lines!

Check out his IG to see his PCC winning entries @yonick84

EP64 - Yonick Filopoulos, winner of the PCC UK 2020

The Precision Cutting Championship is hosted in many countries with the support of Respect for Hair as a media partner and Palmer & Company running the competition. The UK edition for 2021 will launch later this Spring. Follow @precisioncuttingchampionships on instagram to be sure of finding out the dates and entry procedure.

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