Oceania: Live Fashion Hair

Oct 20, 2021

A film with hair created by the winners of the Live Fashion Hair in 2021: Hairdressers: Sam Bell @sambellhair Mark Van Westerop @markvanwesterop Kumenhair @kumenhair Louise Vlaar @louisevlaarhair Richard Ashforth @richardashforth
The concept is an island paradise where sand and volcanic lava coexist with the ocean and the wind. Colours are inspired by the corals and the Atlantic Ocean seabed of Fuerteventura island.
This is an unusual blend of avant-garde hairdressing and hot fashion where graphic lines are interrupted with puffed silhouettes or overlays that defy gravity.

Producer: Live Fashion Hair @livefashionhair
Production manager: Orlando Martín @orlandoicon
Film Director & Art Direction: Gumidafe Gutiér @gumidafegutier