Helmut Newton – a tribute 2004

Dec 15, 2021

A short film by Mauro Carraro for whom Helmut Newton has always been the iconic fashion photographer. Newton’s radical, edgy, and, at times, racy subject matter inspired by film noir, expressionist cinema, S&M, and surrealism was the basis for one of Mauro’s first ever show films for TIGI back in 2004.
A photographer himself, Mauro says this homage after the announcement of Newton’s death may seem naive now given techno advances in film-making, but it is charming as a retrospective piece. The film was shot in super 8 and edited in 4X3, which was how TV used to be back then using one of the first versions of Final Cut Pro. Super 8 is now completely replaced by a minimum of 4K and Final Cut has taken over the world of video editing.